This course introduces the techniques used to lay, out and fabricate duct work commonly found in HVAC, systems. Emphasis is placed on the skills, required to fabricate duct work. Upon completion,, students should be able to lay out and fabricate, simple duct work.
This course covers the installation procedures,, system operations, and maintenance of residential, and light commercial comfort cooling systems., Topics include terminology, component operation,, and testing and repair of equipment used to, control and produce assured comfort levels. Upon, completion, students should be able to use, psychrometrics, manufacturer specifications, and, test instruments to determine proper system, operation.
This course introduces the basic refrigeration, process used in mechanical refrigeration and air, conditioning systems. Topics include terminology,, safety, and identification and function of, components; refrigeration cycle; and tools and, instrumentation used in mechanical refrigeration, systems. Upon completion, students should be able, to identify refrigeration systems and components,, explain the refrigeration process, and use the, tools and instrumentation of the trade.