This course covers the operation of industrial, robots. Topics include the classification of, robots, activators, grippers, work envelopes,, computer interfaces, overlapping work envelopes,, installation, and programming. Upon completion,, students should be able to install, program, and, troubleshoot industrial robots.
This course provides the operational, characteristics of robots and programming in, their respective languages. Topics include robot, programming, teach pendants, PLC integration,, operator interfaces, the interaction of external, sensors, machine vision, network systems, and, other related devices. Upon completion, students, should be able to program and demonstrate the, operation of various robots.
This course introduces the basic principles of, automated systems and describes the tasks that, technicians perform on the job. Topics include the, history, development, and current applications of, robots and automated systems including their, configuration, operation, components, and, controls. Upon completion, students should be able, to understand the basic concepts of automation and, robotic systems.