This course covers the equipment in a brewing,, distillation and fermentation facility and the, techniques used for maintenance and, troubleshooting. Topics include types of, equipment, the role of equipment used in filling, and packaging, troubleshooting, and the role of a, maintenance technician. Upon completion, students, should be able to set up, maintain and, troubleshoot equipment in a brewing, distillation, and fermentation facility using techniques, appropriate for the industry.
This course provides additional laboratory, experience for enhancing student skills in, advanced brewing processes utilizing the equipment, of an on-site brewery and fermentation facility., Topics include advanced beer making processes,, analysis/monitoring of fermentation, specialty, beer production, quality control, sustainable, practices and facilities operations and, management. Upon completion, students should be, able to demonstrate the proper applications of, high volume brewing in a production facility.
This course covers advanced brewing processes, utilizing the equipment of an on-site brewery and, fermentation facility. Topics include advanced, beer making processes, analysis/monitoring of, fermentation, specialty beer production, quality, control, sustainable practices and facilities, operations and management. Upon completion,, students should be able to understand and, demonstrate the proper applications of high volume, brewing in a production facility.
This course introduces chemistry fundamentals as, they apply to the brewing and distillation, industry. Emphasis is placed on elements, impacting brewing/distillation including, ingredient analysis/fermentation/production, chemicals, and properties of gasses/liquids, pH,, and pressure. Upon completion, students should be, able to demonstrate basic chemistry, principles/laboratory techniques to assess/control, chemical properties associated with major products, of the alcoholic beverage industry.
This course introduces technology and mathematical, calculations used in craft beverage production., Emphasis is placed on equipment and technology, relating to scheduling/record keeping, and recipe, development/alcohol control and ingredient usage, calculations. Upon completion, students should be, able to identify/demonstrate technology and, equipment used in craft beverage production and, recipe development.
This course covers sanitation, handling and safety, with fermentation products, facilities and, equipment. Emphasis is placed on the proper, chemicals, their selection, handling and storage, for sanitation control within the fermentation, environment. Upon completion, students should be, able to safely maintain quality and stability of, fermentation products.