This course introduces established and evolving, methodologies for the analysis, design, and, development of an information system. Emphasis is, placed on system characteristics, managing, projects, prototyping, CASE/OOM tools, and systems, development life cycle phases. Upon completion,, students should be able to analyze a problem and, design an appropriate solution using a combination, of tools and techniques.
This course introduces basic spreadsheet design, and development. Topics include writing formulas,, using functions, enhancing spreadsheets, creating, charts, and printing. Upon completion, students, should be able to design and print basic, spreadsheets and charts.
This course provides hands-on experience with a, graphics presentation package. Topics include, terminology, effective chart usage, design and, layout, integrating hardware components, and, enhancing presentations with text, graphics, audio, and video. Upon completion, students should be, able to design and demonstrate an effective, presentation.