This course covers the fundamentals of, instrumentation used in industry. Emphasis is, placed on electric, electronic, and other, instruments. Upon completion, students should be, able to install, maintain, and calibrate, instrumentation.
This course introduces DC electricity with an, emphasis on circuit analysis, measurements, and, operation of test equipment. Topics include DC, principles, circuit analysis laws and theorems,, components, test equipment operation, circuit, simulation, and other related topics. Upon, completion, students should be able to interpret, circuit schematics; design, construct, and analyze, DC circuits; and properly use test equipment.
This course introduces the programmable logic, controller (PLC) and its associated applications., Topics include ladder logic diagrams, input/output, modules, power supplies, surge protection,, selection/installation of controllers, and, interfacing of controllers with equipment. Upon, completion, students should be able to understand, basic PLC systems and create simple programs.
This course introduces the fundamental concepts of, motors and motor controls. Topics include ladder, diagrams, pilot devices, contactors, motor, starters, motors, and other control devices. Upon, completion, students should be able to properly, select, connect, and troubleshoot motors and, control circuits.
This course covers layout, planning, and, installation of wiring systems in industrial, facilities. Emphasis is placed on industrial, wiring methods and materials. Upon completion,, students should be able to install industrial, systems and equipment.