This course provides a review and expansion of the, essential skills of the German language. Emphasis, is placed on the study of authentic and, representative literary and cultural texts. Upon, completion, students should be able to communicate, effectively, accurately, and creatively about the, past, present, and future.
This course is a continuation of GER 111 focusing, on the fundamental elements of the German language, within a cultural context.  Emphasis is placed on, the progressive development of listening,, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Upon, completion, students should be able to comprehend, and respond with increasing proficiency to spoken, and written German and demonstrate further, cultural awareness.
This course introduces the fundamental elements of, the German language within a cultural context., Emphasis is placed on the development of basic, listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills., Upon completion, students should be able to, comprehend and respond with grammatical accuracy, to spoken and written German and demonstrate, cultural awareness.