This course covers theoretical knowledge required, for extension of the surgical technologist role., Emphasis is placed on advanced practice in complex, surgical specialties, educational methodologies,, and managerial skills. Upon completion, students, should be able to assume leadership roles in a, chosen specialty area.
This course is designed to provide individualized, experience in advanced practice, education,, circulating, and managerial skills. Emphasis is, placed on developing and demonstrating proficiency, in skills necessary for advanced practice. Upon, completion, students should be able to assume, leadership roles in a chosen specialty area.
This course provides the surgical technology, student the theoretical knowledge required to, function in the pre-operative, intra-operative,, and post-operative role. Topics include asepsis,, disinfection and sterilization, physical, environment, instrumentation, equipment,, peri-operative patient care, and peri-operative, case management. Upon completion, students should, be able to apply the principles and practice of, the peri-operative team member to the operative, environment.
This course provides a comprehensive study of, peri-operative care, patient care concepts, and, professional practice concepts within the, profession of surgical technology. Topics include:, introductory concepts, organizational structure, and relationships, legal, ethical and moral, issues, medical terminology, pharmacology,, anesthesia, wound healing management concepts, and, the technological sciences. Upon completion,, students should be able to apply theoretical, knowledge of the course topics to the practice of, surgical technology.