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Moodle Orientation and Login Information

Curtis Dunlap
Moodle Orientation and Login Information
by Curtis Dunlap - Thursday, February 20, 2014, 10:02 AM

Students should see RCC Moodle Student Orientation in your list of courses. If you have not already done so, take time this semester and complete the orientation. You cannot enroll into an online class until you complete the orientation quiz and visit the "Academic Integrity Policy" area located within the RCC Moodle Student Orientation course. A number of instructors in hybrid and seated classes are already requiring you to send them proof that you have completed this training.

Your user name/login ID is comprised of Last Name, First Initial, Last Four Digits of your Student ID number. For example, John Doe with an ID number of 00123456 would have a Login ID of: doej3456. Your Student ID number is located on the back of your student ID card and on the paperwork you received from RCC.

Initial passwords are comprised of the first three letters of your birth month, followed by the day and the year you were born. For example: If your birthday is July 4, 1976 your initial password would be Jul041976 (please note that the first letter of the month is uppercase). You will be prompted to change your password after you login. Passwords must be 10 or more characters and contain (1) upper case letter, (1) lower case letter and (1) numerical character.

You may change your password after you login by visiting the "Settings" block and clicking on "My profile settings". Click on "Change password" to change your password.

If you have forgotten your password, click the "Lost password?" link on the login page. A new password will be sent to your RCC email address.

You may also contact Curtis Dunlap at 336-342-4261 ext. 2269 to have your password reset. 

For more information, visit the Distance Learning web site at RCC.