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Moodle Login Information Update

Curtis Dunlap
Moodle Login Information Update
by Curtis Dunlap - Tuesday, August 18, 2015, 10:19 AM

Is this your first time here?

Instructions for New Students who want to take the Moodle Student Orientation only:

Log in to Moodle using the following information:

Your user name/login ID is comprised of Last Name, First Initial, Last Four Digits of your Student ID Number.

For example, John Doe with an ID number of 0012345 would have a Login ID of: doej3456.

Your Student ID number is located on your student ID card.

Initial passwords are comprised of the first three letters of your birth month, followed by the day and the year you were born.

For example: If your birthday is July 4, 1976 your initial password would be Jul041976 (please note that the first letter of the month is uppercase).